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Joyner, well known locally for being a “good team player” in terms of the community by “doing the right thing” for our customers, goes much deeper than the day we were founded in 2017. Doing the right things has been sewn into the very core of who we are as an organization. Lonnell Joyner born in Decatur, IL started using his minivan to help members of his community get to and from doctor's appointments and the grocery store. 


In August 1999, he used that same minivan to help members of his church get to and from Sunday morning worship service. Lonnell would prepare meals, make grocery store runs and deliver to those in need because he realized transportation wasn’t as simple as hopping in the car for everyone. His church later purchased a van that he drove to get members of his church to and from each Sunday and during the week for bible study. Where did the passion for service to his community come from? His mother Catherine Perkins - Joyner. Witnessing his mothers' desire to serve her community by offering a simple ride. We all have that one close family member or friend that we can rely on to get from point A to B, right? Joyner’s heart and mission are as pure today as it was years ago. Two generations later, we still want to be that family member or close friend that you can not only trust but rely on. 


Joyner’s story began with Lonnell and Catherine Joyner’s vision of love and commitment to their communities. That same vision and drive still guide us today. Today we are as focused on our customers and our communities as we were years ago. Our continued mission is to be the first and best choice in the products and services we provide.


Originally a single-line freight company, Joyner now offers more than 15 products and services, in our lines of business. We show our commitment to our customers by assisting more than nearly 7,500 customers per week. Joyner does the right thing for our customers and we do the right thing for communities.


A public leader in transportation safety efforts, Joyner has even adopted roads throughout several states in the southeast of the United States. We are also heavily involved in and support communities through sponsorship of safety programs and organizations


We help build strong communities through activities aimed at children, teens, and young adults. Joyner supports programs that enable financial literacy, help create safe neighborhoods, and make roads and highways safer.

In our communities, online and offline, through or one of nearly 1,700 service providers, Joyner is here, and here to stay.

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